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砧板_正方形 (機器完成)CUTTING BOARD_square (Machine finish)
  • 砧板_正方形 (機器完成)CUTTING BOARD_square (Machine finish)

    • CJ 0019 / SMALL小 - W260mm H25mm D260mm
    • CJ 0020/ LARGE大 - W290mm H25mm D290mm


    ヒバ木材被證明能抗致病性大腸桿菌O157,驅蟲,防黴和除臭。 機器切割完成。


    Hiba wood is proven to be antibacterial against pathogenic Escherichia coli O157, insecticidal, mildew-proof and deodorizing. Machine finish.

    • 使用方法 HOW TO USE


      Use as cutting board, but can also be used as dry food plate

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