Hiba chips soaked in HIBA Wood Oil and matured. The resulting Hiba chips have a potpourri aroma.

青森ヒバ 油泡木片 DEEP OIL WOOD

SKU: CJ 0079
  • 青森絲柏木碎片可以放在一個小袋子或碟子中,放在房間讓芳香自然揮發,並配有原裝布包袋子。如香氣開始減褪,加入幾滴青森ヒバ木油到原木塊上。

    Hiba Chips can be placed in a small bag or a bowl 
    and placed in a room for a pleasant aromatic fragrance.

    As the aroma of the starts to fade, refresh by adding a few drops the Hiba Wood Oil to the Raw Log pieces.