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The Raw Log has a stronger fragrance and Hiba wood effect than the dried wood. The Raw Log aroma will fade at different rates depending on the size of pieces.

生丸太 原木片 RAW LOG

SKU: CJ0139
  • 將手工切割的原木分成任意大小,放在垃圾桶底部吸收氣味/除臭或放置在浴室帶來放鬆的青森ヒバ木油香氣。如香氣開始減褪,加入幾滴青森ヒバ木油到原木塊上。

    Divide by hand the thinly cut Raw Log into any size and place in the bottom of a trash bin to a absorb odors/deodorize or place in a bath for the pleasant relaxing Hiba aroma. Refresh by adding a few drops the Hiba Wood Oil