650g x 1pouch (包)


從青森ヒバ樹的中心部份製造的木芯片。這部份在ヒバ樹的中 央,包含許多有效的成分,具有最強的抗菌效果。


Hiba Chips can be placed in a small bag or a bowl and placed in a room for a pleasant aromatic fragrance.

青森ヒバ木碎片 HIBA CHIPS

SKU: CJ 0123
  • 將ヒバ木片放在容器或袋子裡。隨著青森ヒバ木碎片的香氣開 始消失,可添加幾滴青森ヒバ木油到木片上。

    As the aroma of the Hiba chips starts to fade, refresh by adding a few drops Hiba Wood Oil to the wood chips. Please be aware that Hiba ingredients may seep out and transfer color.