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Thank you for your interest in Cul de Sac - JAPON.

Cul de Sac - JAPON Hong Kong distributes only through pre-approved retail storefronts in Hong Kong, Macau and Greater China Region. In order to begin the approval process, please complete the New Account Inquiry Form below. The criteria for carrying Cul de Sac - JAPON products includes a commitment to selling Cul de Sac - JAPON at the established MAP pricing, stocking brands that are in line with Cul de Sac - JAPON.

All potential retailers, whether physical or online, must submit for approval prior to processing any orders. Cul de Sac - JAPON Hong Kong reserves the right to deny the sale of products in any location or website that may conflict with our existing distribution.

Once we receive your inquiry, we will review the form and respond back accordingly in 24-48 hours

感謝您對Cul de Sac - JAPON的興趣。


如有香港,澳門和大中華地區的零售店鋪想進行分銷 Cul de Sac - JAPON產品,均需經過審批批准。要開始審批流程,請填寫以下新帳戶查詢表。分銷售Cul de Sac-JAPON票產品的標準包括承諾以既定的MAP定價銷售Cul de Sac-JAPON,其店的其他品牌均需符合Cul de Sac-JAPON的品牌定位。


所有零售商,無論是實際的還是在線的,都必須在處理任何訂單之前提交批准。 Cul de Sac - JAPON香港保留拒絕與任何可能與我們現有銷售發生衝突的地點或網站上銷售產品的權利。  當我們收到您的詢問,我們將審核表格並在24-48小時內回覆。

Thanks! Submission successful. 多謝,已成功傳出


We welcome various collaborations on our products. Contact us if you would like know and discuss more.

如果你有興趣跟我們的產品進行聯乘合作,  歡迎聯繫我們。

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