600g (約25次用 about 25 times)


由青森絲柏 ヒバ精油,加上日本北海道津輕海峽含量地下汲取的天然礦物質海水鹽。抗菌、放鬆安神等功效。


Hiba wood oil, and the natural mineral salt content drown from the Tsugaru Strait. It has anti-bacterial and relaxation effects.

青森ヒバ 浴鹽 (ヒバ精油配合) HIBA WOOD BATH SALT

SKU: CJ 0080
  • 足浴:將40-60克鹽 (約4-6湯勺) 放入一小桶溫水 (約5升)。 浸泡20-40分鐘 全浴:將225-340克鹽 (約22-34 湯勺) 放入溫水浴缸中 (約180升)。 浸泡20-40分鐘

    Foot bath: Put 40g - 60g (about 4 - 6 FLOAX spoonful) to a small tub of warm water (about 5 liters). Immerse for 20-40 minutes

    Full bath: Put 225g - 340g (about 22 - 34 FLOAX spoonful) to a bath tub of warmwater (about 180 liters). Immerse for 20-40 minutes