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  • 青森ヒバ 抗菌牙膏 HIBA WOOD TOOTHGEL

    SKU: CJ 0225


    The toothpaste gel contains Aomori Hiba essential oil, which has antibacterial activity against dental caries and periodontal disease bacteria. With the scent of Aomori Hiba and spearmint, it is a natural oral care that refreshes you, as if you are in the forest.

    <Using only natural ingredients>
    While you put this cleaning product in your mouth every day, we take health and safety cautiously. This toothpaste gel uses only natural ingredients, no colorants or antioxidants, surfactants, preservatives, artificial sweeteners, abrasives, fluorine, mineral oil derived ingredients, synthetic fragrances, etc.

    Origin: AOMORI JAPAN


    Benefits >

    *Cavity Protection
    *Fresh Breath
    *Removing Plaque




    Ingredients >

    Purified water (wetting agent), glycerin (wetting agent), sodium carboxymethyl cellulose (thickening agent), sorbit (wetting agent), calcium carbonate (cleaning aid), hydrous citric acid (base), xylit (sweetener), Hydroxyapatite (cleaning aid), ε-polylysine 10% solution (wetting agent), grapefruit seed extract (wetting agent), dipotassium glycyrrhizinate (tasting agent), hinokithiol (tasting agent), sodium citrate (ph adjuster) , Sodium hydrogen carbonate (cleaning agent), L-menthol (cooling agent), Sparemint oil (flavoring agent), Hiba essential oil (flavoring agent)

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